Quality from professionals for professionals

For many years now we have been a competent and reliable supplier of the European automobile industry.

During this time our profiles and side protective mouldings have established themselves as standard equipment for over 50 different types of vehicle.

The most modern processing facilities and our own machine tool maufacture enables us to adapt to our customers' wishes and fulfil them in the shortest time possible.

The shortest of delivery times, high-quality finished goods and last but not the least, subjecting the manufactured parts to a constant and rigorous quality control are for us the fundamentals of long-term, reliable cooperation with our customers.

From granulate to the finished product

The products' basic material is a plain black synthetic granulate from a manufacturer of high repute.
This material is designed in such a way that, when in use, the pigments will in no way affect the vehicle's paintwork.
When the raw material leaves the extruder, a metal support made of rust-free stainless steel is employed (material no. 4113).
This metal support ensures that the composite profiles of Profilex have the same dimensions as the vehicle body, depending on the construction.
Our products are, therefore, absolutely temperature-resistant.
A fuel and temperature-resistant tape, adhesive on both sides, is attached to the metal support.
After being cut to size and rounded off, our products undergo a meticulous quality control.
One special feature of Profilex is its exclusive supply of ready-to-fit profiles. As this implies, the work involved in fitting the profiles is kept to a minimum - removing protective strips and fitting is all that is required.
Due to the packaging, individual parts can also be supplied by simply quoting the parts number.

Profilex-Gentes e.K., We protect what is valuable to you!


We produce and provide all profile protectors in Germany forth for you.

All products have OEM quality.

Our company is certified by TÜV according to ISO 9001.
All protectors and protective strips are 100 % UV resistant.

All our products are car washes , salt water and gasoline resistant.

 Fast and simple installation are guaranteed (all products are self-adhesive) .

All products can be removed residue-free .

 Benefit from the quality of an expert

Quality in every respect :

Perfect fit: All our products are customized for different vehicle models.

  1. Resistant : Our strips and foils are of proven quality and also keep most loads well .
  2. Simple: Easy and quick installation .
  3. Durable: wash-proof and weather resistant.
  4. Cheap: Take advantage of our very good price -performance ratio.

Our service for you :



  1. You receive your goods only three days after ordering.
  2. The quality of our products is guaranteed for three years ( with impeccable assembly according to instructions ).

If you have any further questions, we will be only too pleased to help you.